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Doodle Characteristics

So what IS a "designer dog?" This term designates a cross between two purebred dogs who have a strong genetic base. The characteristics of these breeds, the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle, provide genetic strength as well as attractive, intelligent, and lovable offspring.

Availability & Pricing

Our last litter was born in June 2019, and all were placed in new homes. We spent 8 weeks watching over them as they learned, grew, and were weaned away from their mother. As always, puppy availability and selection was based on the order in which deposits were received.

Application & Selection

We interview all prospective clients via our Online Application so that we may assist you when choosing your new family member. After completing the application, you'll want to send in the $250 deposit to reserve your spot in the puppy selection along with the purchase agreement. 

Puppy Photos & Stories

Everybody loves puppy photos. Here's where you can find photos of our recent litter, as well as photos and stories from prior litters of doodles. See what that little pup might look like in a year or two. This is a great place to look and learn to ensure that this is the right breed for you and your family.

Meet Charlie & Sadie

Registered. Show Quality Dogs.  A Bernese Mountain Dog & a Standard Poodle.
Parents of our 2020 Bernedoodles.

#1.  We have ONLY ONE female that is currently used for breeding. This means that there are not numerous litters of puppies at any given time and we do not have puppies available year-round. There will only be one litter to receive our time and attention.

#2.  Our puppies are born and raised inside our house with their mother in a controlled environment. We keep a close eye on them and oversee their safety at all times. The yard is completely fenced to ensure the puppy's safety (once they are large enough to venture outside).

Five Reasons to Choose Oklahoma Doodles:

TOP 10

Poodle Popularity Rank

Intellignt, loyal, & low-shedding

TOP 30

Bernese Mtn Dog Rank

Good natured, calm and strong.


"Cuddly"  "Intelligent"

"Fast-learner" "Sweet"


Breeding quality
doodles since 2006

Looking for a Puppy?


BWe have developed a Breeder Interview Guide that you may download. This is provided as a service; we want you to have the best experience with your breeder.


Frequently Asked Questions


You may have questions about Bernedoodles, the selection process, and how to get the right puppy for your family. Visit our FAQs and see if we don't answer some of these questions for you!



Standard Poodle, Bernedoodle Dam
Bernese Mountain Dog, Bernedoodle Sire

The Bernedoodle is one of the newest designer dogs being bred with specific guidelines. Each Bernedoodle puppy has had a stunning coat and will likely have variable markings including some white markings from their father's side.

Customer Testimonials

#3.  Training starts early as puppies are taken outside each morning, after meals, and throughout the day as they "answer nature's call." All puppies are socialized at an early age to begin the process of healthy interactions with other puppies and people.

#4.  We never have more than one litter at a time. When we have puppies, they receive our full attention. We ensure their health, well-being, socialization, elementary training, and are confident that each puppy knows that they are well-loved.

#5.  Our reputation is spotless. We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our prior owners. We are regularly in touch with many of our "grand puppies," and they would be more than happy to tell you about their experiences with us. You may also visit our Facebook page and view posts and updates made by many of our prior puppy owners.