We look forward to speaking with you about our doodles. If you have questions, please review the information below which represents the most common questions and answers that we receive. If we don't answer your question here, then please don't hesitate to email or call us for further information.


  • Do you have MINI DOODLES of any type? 
    No. We only breed with a Standard Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog (which don't come in a "miniature" version). We try to avoid artificial breeding practices and, as a result, we do not offer "mini" doodles. Some puppies may not grow as large as others (females are often smaller), but our puppies will rarely weigh less than 55lbs when full grown.
  • Do you have any puppies available now?
    We are "hobby breeders" and, as a result, do not have a large number of dogs that we use for breeding. Our female is a member of the family and we are very cautious to not over-breed her, so we will generally only have one litter available each year. Please check our puppy availability page or our Facebook page for the most current "pupdate."
  • Do your Bernedoodles shed?
    While we know that Bernese Mountain Dogs shed quite a bit, crossing one with a Poodle will likely produce a puppy with wavy fur that should shed significantly less than a Berner. That being said, we've heard back from prior puppy litters as the pups have matured and heard that yes, they do shed, but in varying degrees. Bathing, brushing, and vacuuming will always help deal with shedding fur.
  • When is your next litter available? 
    We only have one female that we breed at a time, so we do not always have puppies available. Puppies are available beginning 8 weeks after they are born, but deposits and puppy selection are generally completed before that time. Please check our puppy availability page or our Facebook page for the most current "pupdate."
  • I've heard of Doodles being an  "F1" or an "F1B." What's the difference, and what are yours?
    An "F1" Doodle is the 1st Generation Doodle. This means that each parent was a full-breed dog. In our case, the female is an AKC Registered Poodle and the male is an AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog. All of our puppies are F1 puppies. 
     An "F1B" is a 1st Generation Doodle that was Back-crossed (bred) with one of the original breeds of the parent.
  • How much are your puppies?
    The Bernedoodle hybrid puppies may pull colors from either and/or both parents. The more colors that the puppy has inherited, the more unique and valuable they become.  Our prices are based on the number of colors that the puppy displays.  View our current pricing.
  • When can I visit and select my puppy?
    The good news is that we keep your future family member as safe and secure as we possibly can. We encourage them to receive as many antibodies through nursing as possible, but while they're young, they're still very susceptible to diseases and infections. The bad news is that part of keeping your puppy safe is that we do not have any potential puppy buyers come and visit the litter. This process protects our full-grown dogs, but also is a key component to protecting the life of each puppy in the litter. We post many photos and videos online and on our Facebook page. Read more about the puppy selection process.
  • How do I reserve a puppy?
    There are two parts to the reservation/purchase process. Puppy selection is made in the order in which deposit payments are received.
    • Complete and submit the online application
    • Send in your $250 deposit and the printed/signed deposit agreement.
      (You may also submit your payment online via Venmo or Paypal).
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