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Oklahoma doodles 


We have our fully-enclosed facility in Northeastern Oklahoma set up to be a place that dogs just love! We whelp and raise our puppies inside the house, welcoming them in as new members of the family. This keeps them in a clean environment, out of harms way, and free from disease or other pests. They don’t go outside until we know that it is safe for them.

SADIE (left) joined us in 2017 and is now enjoing retirement. She's an AKC Registered Parti Poodle and was a great mom to many puppies.
LADY (right) is an ACA Registered Silver Phanton Standard Poodle. She joined us as a puppy and is the only female that we are breeding. 


These two dogs have full run of the house and yard, but favor the sunny enclosed yard to lounge away the hours when the humans aren't at home with which to play.

We have ONLY ONE female that is currently used for breeding. 

There are NOT numerous litters of puppies at any given time and we do not have puppies available year-round. We have only one female for breeding, Lady, so there is only one litter to receive our time and attention.

Our puppies are born and raised inside our house.

They're with their mother in a controlled environment. We keep a close eye on them and oversee their safety at all times. The yard is completely fenced to ensure the puppy's safety (once they are large enough to venture outside).

Puppies are taken outside to "do their business."

We start the house breaking process and the pups anxiously run outside to "answer nature's call." They eat custom-mixed meals throughout the day and are then taken outside - developing habits which carry into their new homes.


We never have more than one litter at a time.

When we have puppies, they receive our full attention. We ensure their health, well-being, socialization, elementary training, and are confident that each puppy knows that they are well-loved.

Our reputation is spotless.

We would be happy to put you in touch with one of our prior owners. We are in touch with many of our "grand puppies," and they would be happy to tell you about their experiences with us. Visit our Facebook page to view posts and updates made by prior puppy owners. Be sure to see what others say about us below.

We are very proud of our dogs, and specifically our Standard Poodles. We raised them with care, and anyone who has met them know that they have been treated with love and raised with respect. 

Google Reviews & Photos:

KRISTEN:  Fabulous experience with Oklahoma Doodles! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for this breed mix. You have exceeded,,, 



KAREN:  I got my Bernedoodle puppy Lulu from them In October 2022 and couldn't be happier... 



ROSEANN:  What drew me to this breeder was how well they treated the dogs...



AMY: He has the greatest demeanor and best personality. He has been such a blessing to our family and is a cuddler...

JESSICA: I have had nothing but the very best experiences with Oklahoma Doodles! They are extremely professional and have given me the best gift I could ever ask for!...

ELAINE: My sweet boy has been the light of our lives since we saw his face on video. They share videos and photos of the pups as they develop so you feel like you know them before you get them...

JENNIFER: My husband and I got two puppies from Oklahoma Doodles...They knew how to go outside to go potty and had already been introduced to crate training. They are the best dogs I have ever had...

D: We got our pup from Oklahoma Doodles and couldn’t be happier! She’s 3 years old now and absolutely the sweetest dog we’ve ever had...

NICOLE: They sent videos and photos so we got to watch him grow and develop his personality. As soon as we took him home it was as if he had always been a part of the family...

GARRETT: I highly recommend Oklahoma doodles...[we] couldn’t have stumbled upon a more quality breeder to guide us through the process...

: We got our Mowgli three years ago. He is a funny (and sometimes rambunctious) boy that loves other dogs and walks!...

: Our Homer is three now and he is still the best boy. He’s such a love, and honestly the smartest dog I’ve ever met, and he has been such a good “big” brother to Willow, our Irish Wolfhound...

: We are truly grateful to Oklahoma Doodles and the caring way they operates their Doodle business. Our pup is the most loveable and active member of our family!...

JEAN: Oklahoma Doodles takes the time to explain to prospective owners how they breed their dogs and what to expect. We have purchased two Bernedoodles at two different times. Both of these dogs are the sweetest, most loving dogs ever!...

MEGAN: We got Mocha our bernedoodle the summer of 2018. She just turned three on May 15. We couldn’t have been any happier with the process. We couldn't have asked for a better dog....