Our Sire & Dam


Sadie was born in Colorado Springs, CO, in 2017. Sadie is from the Bloomingdale Poodle line, so she comes with the most stunning pedigree and health history. She is a standard Parti Poodle with rich brown and white markings. Her first litter produced puppies with the beautiful black coat of the Berner along with clear white markings on their bellies, feet, face, chest, and tails.


Sadie is AKC registered. Her given name:
   Sadie "Life of the Parti" Bloom

Sadie is from the Countryside Poodle lineage. Her heritage has multiple generations of distinctive and stately Poodles, free of disease or genetic anomalies. Her parents were certified via DNA profile to be free from any genetic problems, and OFA pre-certified as having "Excellent Hip Joint Conformation."

Sadie is a beautiful brown and white, medium-sized standard Parti Poodle. Sadie is about 23" at the withers, and weighs 44lbs, an excellent weight for a mid-sized standard Poodle.
Sadie is a fun-loving and loyal companion!  Sadie loves to be near people - whether she follows us around the house, around the yard, down to the coffee shop, or walking around the block, she has to be right there with us.  She's protective of the family, but warms up quickly once she knows that the "stranger" is actually a "friend." Her conformation, majestic stance, and beautiful markings draw attention everywhere we go. 


This young man is a local from a farm in Northeast Oklahoma.  Hank is a stunning example of an F1 Bernedoodle with a sweet disposition and passion for herding goats, cows, and basically anything that he can herd. His father, Murphy, is a well-known AKC Bernese Mountain Dog in the area, and is mother, likewise, is AKC Registered. Hank is an F1 Bernedoodle and was born in 2019 and he stands  25" at the withers. He comes from a line of very strong, healthy, and gentle Berners and Poodles.


Hank is a great size and is as gentle as they come. He currently weighs about 70 lbs. He has outstanding conformation and his markings are spectacular.  Neither of his parents have had any known health issues, including no joint or musculoskeletal abnormalities.


The farm where he lives is his home and he serves as the greeter, loving the owners and guests at his home. His gentle and easy-going nature shows his love for people and his desire to be the center of attention.


The litter produced by Sadie and Hank in 2022 consisted of 4 boys and 2 girls. Of these six puppies, three were primarily black with white markings, while the other three were primarily white with black markings.  Here is the "going home" photo just before they went to their new homes in 2022.

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